Level up browser

They are not Pokémon but you can upgrade

Who's in the trade also uses the strangest browsers to debug, but the extensions I recommend are not just for that. How many times does it happen that you see a site and you are interested in that particular type of font or type of color? It is true, I can see it from inspecting element, but there are some tools that facilitate these operations and make them less cumbersome, or other extensions that help us to see how the platform was developed.
Mainly browser based on Chrome (ium) so that it is Opera or Vivaldi or other are compatible, separate discussion for those of Mozilla and Safari , some are present others may be missing.

1 WhatRuns

Let's start running? No, let's see how others run!

How many times out of curiosity did you open inspect items just to see how a site was developed? There is this extension that allows us to find out which CMS, plug-in, analytics and what you want in just one click. Lately I'm also trying Wappalyzer that essentially performs the same function and seems to be better.

whatsruns extension

2 Sizzy

Jedi of responsive, when checking with a click

Since I discovered it I can not do without it, it helps us with the responsive of our site, allows us to test it in one fell swoop on various devices Android and Apple , choose whether to see them in landscape with or without keyboard (it could be useful in case of e-commerce). As for me it is one of those that can not miss, a real must .

extension sizzy for browser

3 CSS Peeper

Css ... Css everywhere

From the very beginning of the title it is clear, Css , anything related to the Css is seen from this extension, from the color palette used to the font size or to the images present at 'indoor. This will be more comfortable to a designer than a programmer .

extension css peeper for browser

4 Muzli

To get inspiration ... no copy

A great extension to get inspiration from other designers / graphic designers , there are most if not all major platforms like Dribbble , Behance , < strong> Invision , Awwwords and others that I did not even know. I recommend you do not abuse it too much.

muzil extension

5 Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem ipsum, dolor sit amet

Already from the title should be clear, it generates Lorem Ipsum text to be integrated into the projects. For those who do not know is the fake text, useful when you do not have the final texts or do not have at all, helps to realize how the layout will be, I often use it in an initial phase of development , both for mockups and for development.

lorem impsum generator for browser

I conclude not so much with just an extension, but it is also a program and app, but I think it is very convenient, they are the famous password manager . I've got to try them all a bit and I'll tell you 2 free that I find excellent, the first KeepassXC and the other Bitwarder . In addition to the functions have in common, perhaps one of the most important things, the code can be viewed quietly on Github and are widely followed by community . Lately I'm using the second one ( Bitwarden ) as it has an official app for IOS and a browser extension that I find more comfortable but they remain excellent both, the choice is yours decide to start using them. Also for this article is everything, I reserve the right to update it in case of new extensions . Peace