Grav the CMS that you do not expect

There is not just WordPress

Since I installed a browser extension (Wappalyzer for Firefox) that allows me to see what technology has been developed a website or webapp, I know that WordPress is really dominant, it's not that bad, but there are many alternatives also to Grav . Grav himself.

Why did I choose Grav?

Nor have I tried many of CMS but this has that something ... more

He was elected in 2016 and 2017 as "Best Open Source CMS" and "Best Flat File CMS" and slowly he is cutting out his place. This CMS is a bit different from the others, because it allows you to "split into two" so you can only use the Dashboard and use it for a webapp or what goes through your mind, or use it as a normal CMS.

No more talk and let's see it more closely

For the story there is always our trusted Web

Let's see what the site's Dashboard looks like.

Very clean and minimal there is little to add. In the upper part we have two panels, in one is enclosed the status to check if we have the latest updates installed and for the last backup performed, on the other our statistics.
Immediately below we have the Developer Feeds and notifications of the beta versions, difficult to ask more from this team.

But why should I choose it?

The other CMS have been around for a long time, this will be abandoned

So, this is a sentence that I felt a while ago, yes this is true, others have been around for a long time, this does not mean that there are always the same (most of these people use only WP) every now and then something new appears and if there are several people who have spent the time of their lives to create a new CMS you have to at least try it, then it is not said that it is right for us, or maybe use a logic that we do not like it or it's hard to digest (this is not the case).

One of the main reasons why I tried it is that there is no database connected that makes it faster and safer, although it must be said that over time, the developers themselves have made available a guide to connect a db.
In case you need only a showcase site, a small blog like this (even bigger) or an e-commerce could be a good solution, in other cases the db could be useful and then it's up to you to choose whether to match it or turn on other platforms. Let's analyze it more thoroughly. It is not just a matter of db or lightness

Analyze in more deep the dashboard

It is not just a matter of db or lightness

As with any CMS you need the use of the PHP, they have written everything in Twig and its architecture even the templates is not very difficult to understand even for people like me who are not a php developer. Also here we can download templates already made and plug-ins, we see the respective screens.

It should be noted that even if it is true that there is the "install" button at least for plug-ins must be configured and put a hand to the code, both to activate it and to decide where to place it, will not appear "magically" as on WordPress, but everything must be configured. This may actually seem bad, it is not, because you can see how the plug-in was developed and modify it if necessary or anyway you notice greater flexibility.

Uhmm ... I still am not convinced in trying it ...

They will be thinking about different of you

Very often I read on Facebook groups or blog requests or guides to speed up a site made with WordPress and ask which plug-ins to use, and start with those for cache, minification, images and more.
Well here there is already all this without installing anything and in reality there is more, it is possible to concatenate css and javascript (with various settings).

Let's specify a bit

(Otherwise someone might think wrong)

With this article, I did not want to do anything but show you a small glimpse of a CMS different from the others, there would be things to say, but I decided to write only this, for more I suggest you download it and try it yourself, as I did the first time.

It must also be said that WordPress is not evil as in some lines could seem, but we say that not all those who use it know how to do it, while to use this you have to be a step ahead of the many who call themselves "web technicians", I same ad hoc template development for WordPress.

Peace ✌️